Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Plum Sykes Syndrome Cont.

See--this is the issue I have with fashionistas like Plum Sykes. They have this propensity to dislike certain trends just cause they're popular. Now granted, I myself grow tired of certain trends, but I've never been in a rush to declare something "so over!" just so I can be the first to do it.

Fashion Addict Diary recently posted a "F.A.D. Must Die" list that included skinny jeans and leggings near the top of the list. And while I appreciate high cattiness as much as the next fashion lover, come on people, having worn, as the author states, skinny jeans "all winter," doesn't exatly put you in a position of high authority to declare them dead three months later, especially seeing as H&M has been stocking them in their European stores for at least a year (I know I bought my skinny jeans at a New York City H&M last summer).

As for folks who are still wearing Ugg boots, which are also on her list, well hey, seeing how everyone and their brother has been declaring them dead for at least a year now, at this point Ugg wearers get bonus points from me for just not giving a flying fuck.

Shawn Wayans doesn't give a damn (though apparently his child is embarrassed!)

Note: image found at ConcreteLoop

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