Friday, April 14, 2006

Style Icons

I see that the media has been busy cranking out stories and images of--hmmm, how does one describe her? How about... kinky 60s pin-up girl Bettie Page. It's all around a movie called "The Notorious Bettie Page," as played by actress Gretchen Mol (sorry casting if ya ask me), which I believe hits the theaters this weekend.

Anyway, all this is sort of besides the point, and an excuse for me to say that I wasn't ever all that impressed by Page. I never thought she looked all that great in her photographs, and I couldn't see the so-called spark that so many people said she possessed. Though I must admit that in perusing the recent images that Style posted on its site in conjunction with the movie release, I finally found one image of Page that I thought was pretty cool, and here it is:

Still, as I started looking through Style's archives of other "beauty icons," I couldn't help but be stunned by the amazing Grace Jones and how in comparison she makes Page look at best like a wacky housewife with a creative hairdresser. (I know I shouldn't compare becasue we are truely talking about apples and oranges here, but I need something to pull this post together!) You can visit here for more images of Ms. Jones, but these were my faves (captions curtosy of Style):

^^Glamazon: a fitting with Azzedine Alaia, 1985

^^The body beautiful: Jones in Masai-inspired body paint by Keith Haring for an eighties performance at Paradise Garage.

^^Love story: With bodyguard-turned-fiancé Dolph Lundgren (you know, that Swede who starred opposite Stallone in Rocky IV), in 1985.

There's also this one Andy Warhol quote from the article that I love: "I always give Grace the wrong advice. I told her she'd never make it without toning down her look, that the public weren't ready for anything that extreme."

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