Sunday, April 16, 2006

Vans: the Changing of the Guard Continues

I was over checking out Notes from a Different Kitchen, and came across a reference to a California rap group called The Pack. Low and behold, they have this local hit called "Vans," which is dedicated to the group's love of Vans. Here are some sample lyrics:

"Go to sleep in the day, go to parties at night
Man, i'm from B-town and all my niggas get like
Man, we be sportin Vans and we throw away Nikes
If u wanna get right, stop buyin those Nikes
Get some new fukkin vans and u'll bet u look icey"

Ouch man! I feel your pain Nike. So much for the days of the swoosh's monopoly on the urban customer. Kiss those glory years good-bye.

Here's a video of Mac Dre (no clue who that is), showing off his Vans:

And on The Pack's MySpace page, scroll down and there's a bunch of Pack friends showing off their Vans. What's cool is how kids are bragging about how LITTLE they paid for their kicks! Woo-hoo! The pair below set the owner back just 30 bucks:

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