Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

I spotted the link to this images at one of my most favorite blogs, NotesfromaDifferentKitchen. I love 'em, plain and simple. I feel like the world would be a much more lifeless place without the over-the-top pageantry that's epitomized by each of these three cars.

The funny thing is, if you go to the original Web site, BlackGirlOnLine, where the images were posted, most of the people who commented put the car owners on blast for being clueless idiots. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. For someone like me, who came from a safe, white middle class background, I see the three cars as nothing more or less than visual eye candy. But maybe, and I'm just guessing here, if you grow up as a minority in this country, you more clearly see the cost of standing too far out from the crowd. It's that tightrope I see people of color frequently having to struggle with: fitting in versus reserving the right to do what your soul desires.

All the philosophical talk aside, I think I like the Hello Kitty one the best. I like that it's pink--a hot fashion color for men--and also that the stickers are sort of randomly placed on the car just like you'd find them on a little girl's notebook.


Charlotte said...

Woah there! That Hello Kitty car is ... amazing. Is that glitter on the rims?

Lois said...

Lol--that might indeed be glitter on the rims.

samida said...

You get to a point in your life when you think you've seen it all and then these pictures pop up on your screen! Although, I definitely would call shotgun in the Hello Kitty and ask for a shotgun for that Ronald McDonald idea!

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