Thursday, June 01, 2006

Retail Alert: Forevah 21

I'm gonna make this one fast, folks, because I am fading fast from not enough sleep combined with the heat, but if you're looking for some tunic-type tops to spruce up your summer wardrobe and you'd rather pay $14 for something you'll wear one season rather than $40 (I'm looking at you Urban Outfitters--love ya, but you're overpriced), head on over to Forever21. I was in the Kings Plaza Mall the other day, it's in Brooklyn, btw, lookning at stores and I stopped in F21 and lo and behold, it was packed with cute tops, in lots of colors, featuring some pretty neat prints.

There were some cute jeans and shorts in there too, and I bought three tops, including the purple one with the lightening bolts shown here, and a pair of plaid shorts for less than 60 bucks. And ya can't beat that with a bat, Jack!

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