Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just for Kicks

One of the reasons I was tired (I have since taken a nap) in the last post was cause I went to Club 4040 last night to check out the launch party for the DVD version of the sneaker movie "Just for Kicks." It's all about the sneaker industry and how it's been influenced by the streets and from what I saw of the movie at the club, it was great and gets a big recommend from me.

^^"Just for Kicks" trailer

The event was in part a fundraiser and one of the images I did take was a Lupe Fiasco skateboard, which was being auctioned to raise dough for the Jam Master Jay Foundation. (I'll post an image of the Lupe board later cuz right now Blogger is giving me hell and I want to go play baseball with my kid.)

And even though I took my camera with me, I didn't take that many pictures cause basically I didn't feel like asking people if I could. I have taken lots of street shots in my day, and, brag warning ahead--->many have even been published in magazines and I actually have an assignment coming up, but as time has gone on, I don't have quite the same fire in my belly that I once did for asking strangers if I can take their picture.

Which is weird because there haven't been all that many times that people have said no. Maybe a half dozen at the most. I remember there was this one Muslim guy selling incense and he gave me a pretty indignant no like I was out of my flipping mind for even asking, but the funniest one was when I was covering a DJ event in Long Island City many moons ago. It was the mid-90s and the whole shag hair cut look was just-just coming back in and I saw this very adorable girl with the cutest mullet I have ever seen. As I remember, her outfit was pretty cutting edge, too, and basicaly matched her hair. When I asked her if I could take her picture, she actually told me, if you can believe this, that if I wanted to take her picture, I'd have to speak to her stylist, who wasn't even at the party! Heh, the memory still makes me chuckle today. Only in fucking New York, I tell ya.

And it was okay cause later at the party I ran into these three young and partying European girls who were having the most fabulous time of their lives even though their feet were covered in bandaids, cut to shreds by their brand new and highly expensive designer sandals they were all wearing. They let me take LOTS of pictures and thinking of them makes me laugh too, though in a different way from the shag haircut chick.

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