Friday, June 02, 2006

Lupe Fiasco Skateboard

Since I need to put up something today, I'm going to post the Lupe Fiasco skateboard image here instead of in yesterday's post. Just to refresh, the skateboard was featured at a party for the launch of the "Just for Kicks" DVD. It was being auctioned with a bunch of other stuff as a fundraiser for the Jam Master Jay foundation:

^^Lupe Fiasco skateboard

^^These limited edition Marc Echo joints were also part of the auction. They're just okay if ya ask me, but since they were right next to the skateboard and I was hanging out in that part of the room, I figured what the heck.

^^Some of my worst photography ever. Beyond the guy's bald head, you can see the screen showing the "Just for Kicks" DVD (the scene I tried to shoot was one featuring Run DMC hanging out on a couch, rapping about Adidas). I think I was just trying to jump start myself with some non-taxng shots.

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