Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Costume Institute Gala

Last night the stars turned out for the Costume Institute Gala, which took place in New York City and whose theme was celebration of all things British. I didn't see any designs that made me swoon--not even close--but I did dig Kate's black leather pants. Perhaps we'll see a return to that material this fall?

^^Kimora looks better than usual, but Russell, the white sneaker thing must stop! Give it up my man, that look was laid to rest ages ago!

^^Through all her bad publicity, Vogue Editor Andre Leon Talley stands by his girl Naomi, as a loyal friend should.

^^Blast from the past Johnny Rotten, still riding the same attitude train, even still, the vest is kinda cute.

^^For all her many problems and issues, she remains drop dead gorgeous.

^^Oy! Could Amber's forehead actually have grown?? As for Linda, the dress aint happening. It looks like it's wearing her, which is a bit odd considering the size of Evangelist's personality. Also, girlfriend needs to go easy on the botox! I know it's hard out here for a former supermodel, but damn, go easy on that shit girl. Frozen faces aint a good look!

^^Ana looking her usual unhappy and crispy self. Not digging the new blonde do either.

^^Hoo-boy. Ciara needs to fire the stylist who put her in a prom dress from Forever 21.

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