Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Kelis is looking hotter than ever these days. These images are from a recent King magazine party. When it comes to both music and fashion, she's never been much a follower and she's one of those few celebrities, who, if she doesn't out-and-out pick and choose all her own clothing for events, she only let's her stylist have minimal say. I'll admit, when I heard she was dating and then married Nas, I was a little concerned that his huge personality would steal all the light and cramp her style, but if anything the opposite has happened. Marriage must agree with her because it she's shining brighter than ever these days.

^^Kelis knows how hot her hoodie is.

^^The Indian-chief hoodie in all its glory

^^Check out the red shoes!

^^A more serious side of Kelis that shows off her beatiful skin and profile.

^^Love the red necklace

^^Girl having a good ole time.

Polka dots look great on the pages of magazines, but rarely do the dots work on folks in real life. This party-goer is the exception to the rule.

^^That's Kelis's mom. Makes you wonder what dear old dad looks like, right?

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Fae said...

i was wondering if you had any idea where i could find this hoodie - ive been searching high and low!