Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kicksclusive: Episode 3

This is my first time seeing Louis Colon's video version of his magazine, Kicksclusive. It's him and this guy "Good" Will from Karmaloop.com. He told me about about the video series way back when I interviewed him for a story on his store, Laces, but to be honest, I didn't bother looking for it cause I thought it would probably be boring. What? Some guy talking about all his favorite sneakers? No thanks.

^^Louis Colon, publisher of Kicksclusive and owner of N.Y. women's sneaker boutique Laces

Well, I was wrong, Louis is not only good in front of the camera--he's got a real nice flow, but he also gives honest and funny appraisals of various shoes. Not a negative word is spoken about Nike though so I'll be checking to see if that ever happens in the future. I won't be holding my breath.

Again, for all you lazy types, here are some screen grabs accompanied by some quotes from Louis and "Good" Will.

^^This Ice Cream Board Flip style got a mixed review. Louis dodged holding an opinion by saying, "I'm not a skater," but "Good" Will, who is a skater, thought overall that the line is bulky and the pink and green colorway is wack.

^^This Reebok Ventilator got a thumbs up from both guys. Louis had to correct "Good" Will's comment on mango trees in Miami: "It's not a mango tree, it's a coconut tree. I'm from Puerto Rico so we know the difference between the trees."

^^Silver DaDa with an embedded MP3 player: Louis hated this shoe, "I feel like if you wear these you should be smacked. A silver blinged-out shoe--would you wear that?? If they produce more than three of those--shame on them!!"

^^Louis shows off his beer, his watch and his Nike "OG Bacons." <---(I hope someone corrects that cause I don't think that the actual name of the style.)

Other shoes styles they talked about were Adidas Adicolor and the Puma Clyde, which "Good" Will liked (him and I guess five other people since the style is on sale everywhere),

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