Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random Trend Happenings

Okay, I feel like I'm going a little heavy on the throw-up-a-picture-with-some-pithy-comment these days, but oh well. I'm discovering since I started blogging again that this whole thing is a bit of a process and it's anything but static. So I'm going to go with the flow and let just things unfold. Even if that's pretty much anathema to my control freakish tendencies. And no, I'm not talking about controlling other people so much as not being able to make everything as perfect on this blog as I'd like it to be. Like how crazy is the Kehinde Wiley's post making me because the numbers on the jerseys are backwards. Sigh. Maybe I'll fix it today.

Anyway, on to random trends!

^^Here's Pharrel out and about in L.A., trying to get free advertisement for his Ice Cream label, which he's wearing head-to-toe. I week or so back, I detailed why this so-called collector's label is problematic and may never take off like Pharrel wants it to. Ice Cream label or not, my crystal ball is telling me that the varsity jacket look is going to be hot this fall.

^^It's so nice to see Janet out and about, looking and feeling good. And how cute is it that she's an Adidas woman (jacket and shoes) and her boyfriend, Jermaine (I want to mention how short he is, but I don't want to spoil the happy scene), is a Nike man, wearing a Jordan tee (good lord that apparel is getting quite the push from Nike--I'm seeing it on everyone) and sneakers.

^^Nothing new going on here, but I just wanted to highlight Janet's Free City sweatpants. I did some Googling on them and apparently it's one of those obscure L.A. brands that all the wanabess and starlettes wear. The only place I found where you could buy it (but then not even on the Web site) was Ron Herman.

Hat tip to Crunk & Disorderly and ConcreteLoop, where I lifted the images.

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