Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sugar Ray Robinson Stamp

See what happens when you leave the house? Good things! This afternoon I made a long-overdue trip to the Post Office and lo and behold saw the prettiest looking stamp I have seen in a while. Great design, colors, and image. I didn't need stamps but I was going to buy a pack just cause it looked so hot. When it looked like I was going to have to spend every scrap of change in my pocket, I decided to wait, which is a good thing because I had enough money to buy a cup of coffee at the bagel shop across the street, where lo and behold again, some very fashionable (and sweet) teen girls were hanging out so I was finally able to take some shots of girls wearing canvass sneakers for my story. I was on the lookout for Vans, but I think the fact that these are Burberry's version makes them even hotter. It goes without saying, but yeah I need to get out of the house more often!

^^Sugar Ray: World Champion!

^^Super-slick canvass Burberry slip-ons

1 comment:

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