Monday, June 12, 2006

The Father of HipHop

Kool DJ Herc was spotted at a recent event featuring Rakim and Common. Thank you, Herc, for being a huge part of making this crazy, beautiful thing called hiphop possible. For those who'd like some more info on Herc's history, check out his story right here.

^^Rakim, Herc, and Common (click the image and you'll be able to peep C's ultra-adorable freckles)

^^I know I go on and on about coordination, but it fascinates me because I think that because of the whole Pharrel skateboard influence, there's been a move away from the perfect matching color schemes of which an old-schooler like Rakim is so fond. In this picture, you see that the green in his jacket perfectly matches the green in his patent-leather Nikes. But that's just amateur-level matching, if you will. Border-line GurAnimals. What takes Rah's game up a notch is how...

^^...the orange swoosh on his Nikes....

^^...perfectly matches the orange tee-shirt that just barely peeps out from underneath another tee.

And you know something? Even if the young kids switch up their game, I'll bet you anything that a cat like Rah never does. Which is cool. His style will be a sort of walking history marker.

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