Thursday, June 08, 2006

Random Sneaker Trends

So what have we here? First off this so-called Ewok sneaker, which Al Cabino (more on him later) tipped me off to. They're a collaboration between Nike and a store called the Hideout (more images and a link to the store here). They are adorable, aren't they? Would I wear them though? That's always the crucial test for me. I can like or admire a shoe, but I can't love it unless I could see myself wearing it. What would you wear these things with anyway? Maybe they'd be better as boots? Or maybe they'd only look right on cute little Rave-y boys and girls.

^^Friend of Chewie shoes.

^^A small picture of friend to the Ewok and my ex-boyfriend, Chewie. Yeah, we dated, but it was way back when. We were both totally dumb and stupid. He wasn't at all famous. Obviously it was before he met Hans Solo.

Adidas emailed me these yesterday. All I could think was, holy shit! Aren't these Kobe's shoes? You know, the ones the fucking B-O-M-B-E-D at retail a couple of years ago?? What? Does Adidas actually think this style was ahead of its time and now we stupid consumers are actually ready for it? Lol. The funny is, the shoe is actually called Crazy 1. Maybe all those rumors about Adidas employees lacking any sense of humor are actually false.

^^Adidas says, "Hey we were loco enough to buy Reebok, why not maintain the theme and rerelease one of our biggest failures?

Apple people drive me crazy. Make note all you Apple worshippers: Apple is a GIANT mult-national corporation that pretty much only cares about increasing its bottom line. It sues bloggers who adore them and its computers are too expensive. I'll tell you one thing, as a lifelong Yankee fan, listening to Apple loyalists makes me realize what it's like to here me talk about my Bronx Bombers. Very obnoxious.

^^All that being said, Al Cabino also sent me this image of these funny Apple/Nike sneakers. Supposedly they were made exclusively for Apple employees sometime in the 90s. I look at these and think, ha, bet Nike wasn't so hot with the streets when these were made! I also wonder, did these shoes really exist or is this just a marketing ploy to create more buzz around the Nike/I-Pod partnership? I love ya Nike (sort of), but ya'll are crafty fuckers and I wouldn't put it past ya.

Now, on to Al, who was kind enough to send me two of the above images. Al loves sneakers and he is currently working on a campaign to get Nike to rerelease the McFly shoes that were worn in "Back to the Future." I am quite sure that Nike is well aware of the campaign, but what does it do to pay back Al for all his efforts to give Nike tons of free publicity? The bastards go and release the much less worthy and dorky-ass Mork & Mindy sneaker!

Who knows, maybe the M&M shoes foreshadow the release of other television/movie shoes that feature Nike combined with magical-space-traveler themes. I hope so.

Read all about Al's campaign on his MySpace page.

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