Thursday, June 22, 2006

Intrepid Fashion Reporter: Julie Frederickson!!

Julie of AlmostGirl and Coutorture fame is too adorable and a true rising star in the industry. If you want a take on fashion that's open-minded and philosphical, but never bitchy or catty, then definitely become a regular reader of her blog.

Here's an example of some of her work. While on the way to or from another event, she noticed a long line outside of Manhattan sneaker boutique Clientele and decided to investigate. Despite a long line of sneaker heads, some of whom had camped out in front of the store for the night, Julie managed to get in the store, interview the shoe designer, Ari, and capture him autographing his first pair of Menthol 10s. Well done, Julie!

Apparently the shoes are a homage to both Nike and Newport, but were designed independently of both companies. If you want more info on the story behind the sneakers, click here.

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