Thursday, June 22, 2006

Get Your Sneakers a Professional

Yesterday I spotted this sign in the window of a cleaners near my apartment in Brooklyn. This morning I took the image and went in the store to see if I could get any details (I was gonna bring my son's Jordans as a test, but on closer inspection I do believe they are a lost cause), but all the woman could tell me was that the sneakers are dry cleaned and they charge ten dollars and up per pair. And also that the shoes look "great" once they are cleaned.

Looking at the sign (besides trying to figure out if those are Air Force Ones featured on the right), I feel like these guys are not the first to offer professional sneaker cleaning services, but I don't know. Have any of you seen this kind of service offered before? The idea of it cracks me up, but then again, we dry clean all sorts of shit that is much less expensive than our kicks so why the hell not?

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Anonymous said...

yeah, i'd say its just standard dry cleaning which most dry cleaners offer for sneakers. it does really make them look better and is a really way to clean rough leather and suede