Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lady Sov: Elle photo shoot

You've heard the name, know Jay-Z signed her, and maybe even know the rumors that's she's not all that good, but how many of you have actually seen Lady Sov? Elle* magazine featured her (as photographed by Gilles Bensimon) in their July issue and here are some of the images:

^^I like her leather jacket. It brings back memories of my punker days. A friend of mine gave me a motorcyle jacket like the one she's wearing (exceot hers is by Alexander McQueen and costs $750 and mine was free) and the way he gave me the jacket was one of the nicest memories of my life. I was leaving St.Louis, moving to New York and I gave him back the jacket, which he had been temporarily loaning to me. My Nissan Sentra hatchback was filled with all my belongings, including my best dog ever, a husky named Kaya, and about halfway to New York, I decided I had to move whatever crap was stuffed near the back of my car and blocking my view. I reached in to pull out the offending item, and, you guessed it, it was the leather jacket. People can be so awesome.

^^Here we see Lady Sov do some heavy lifting for Adidas. The belt and the shirt is part of Missy's collection, and the shoes, well, you those are good ole three-stripes. Not feeling the lacing situation though.

^^the cap here is Adidas, too, but the keys she's wearing are her own!

Now I'm reading the article and how she had to try out in front of L.A. Reid, Usher and Jay-Z, who told her to "spit a lyric." According to Sov, "I dunno. I choked a bit." Lol. Can you imagine? Personally, I wouldn't have just choked, I would've just melted right there into a great big puddle of nothingingness. Oh, and her real name is Louise Harman.

*I just want to say that of all the traditional women's rags I read, I actually still root for Elle. Why? Because they don't assume women are all a bunch of ladies-who-lunch idiots. Elle believes that its readers have brains and treats them accordingly. And even if Hillary Duff is on the cover and got six pages of coverage, the same issue included a six-page fashion spread on a young, female, sort of unknown rap artist, which, even if they over-styled her a little, is pretty cool.


Butterfly Jones said...

Elle is the only fashion mag I have a subscription to. The rest can kiss my iz-ass. Lady Sovereign? She's from the UK, has not made a good record and has a deal with Def Jam. It's a crying shame. Take that London attitude and run with it girl.

Anonymous said...

I really dig SOV, she's talented, and loves what she's doing! You probably would never guess that I'm a 37 yr. old mother of 2, but I am. I'd rather listen to music than do anything else, almost to the point that I can't function unless music is playin' in the background.
I discovered SOV about 2 yrs. ago and LOVE her, Love her attituded!
Most parents listen to different music cause their kids turned them on to it, well it's the opposite in my home. And when I played Lady SOV for my 14 yr. old and my 9 yr. old, they istantly loved it. They love the sound effects that she does in the background.