Monday, June 05, 2006

Random Trend Spottings

At a recent WNBA Liberty game (which, btw, are totally fun and get a big recommend from me--they have female AND male cheerleaders!):

^^The anti-fashion site, GoFugYourself, hates Chloe's style so much that she was in part the reason the founders started up the site. Whatever. Truely. While Chloe may sometimes look a fucking wreck, at least she's not afraid to leave the house wearing something she picked out all by herself. In this image, she's wearing those pull on wool tights (as first shown by Prada) that may or may not be all the rage this fall. She's also sporting lace up boots, which I bet will be all the rage in New York this fall. Hell, it's June and I'm already seeing tons of girls in heavy dute engineer boots and Docs.

^^Checkout Chloe's friend's red Reeboks. Now that everyone hates Reebok, it may be time for it to make a comeback.

And at a completely different event...sorry can't remember what it was, but it was hosted by Pam Anderson, we catch a glimpse of Jodey Watley, who always looked hot back in the day and still does now.

^^"Don't you want me, like I want you?"

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