Thursday, August 24, 2006

Barack Obama & ChickswithKicks

^^Obama as first black president? Oh happy day!!

Anyway, I'm using this lovely cover shot of my favorite politician to highlight the following announcement:

I am now also a columnist for, which is a sub-publication of the very fine Seeing as TrendyNation has become a veritable non-stop product push for a certain canvass shoe noted for its checkboard print, guess which brand I did my first post on?

Thanks to Julie of AlmostGirl for hooking me up with the Chicks gig and thanks to Al for the image of Barack!

p.s. How many of you know what Barack looked like as a babe? Here he is with his momma (thanks to Al for this image as well):

^^I wonder if he still sometimes misses her?


philly jay said...

"Obama as first black president? Oh happy day!!"

Wouldn't he technically be the first half black president?Just saying :)

Lois said...

Not sure if you're kidding, but Barack definitely identifies as black.