Monday, August 28, 2006

Brooklyn: Stencil Grafitti Art

I love baseball, Basquiat and the Yankees so this grafitti I spotted on 5th Avenue and 13th Street (or thereabouts) in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is near and dear to my heart. My only complaint is the Basquiat crown, which has been very overused. As well, Basquiat looks a little dark in this image, though of course you could argue that, given he died in his twenties, the depressed/angry part of him was an important part of his personality.

^^The Babe

^^Ted Williams

^^Joltin' Joe has left and gone away, hey, hey, hey...."

^^Mickey Mantle (I think...)

^^The beauty of the diamond spelled out.

^^The darker side of Michael Basquiat

^^Johnny Cash and Ray Charles

After posting up the images, I searched around for more information on Jereye (see Babe Ruth image), who appears to be the artist behind the stencils and found some more of his art here.

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