Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Samuel Jackson's Got His Vans On

A couple of posts down, I excused putting up a video clip of a Samuel Jackson clip cause he was showing off his sneakers before the interview started. At the time, I didn't know what brand they were, but, I am excited to announce, I now do! They are Vans customized with the "Snakes on the Plane" logo. So how motherfucking cool does that make S. Jackson??

^^Got my Vans on but they look like snakeys.

And hey, I saw the movie last night. It was pretty good though I have to admit that I hid behind my sweatshirt (which I didn't have to use because for ONCE the theater didn't overblast the a.c.) during many scenes. Those snakes were sick! They didn't just bite the person and keep it moving, they full on ATTACKED and didn't let go!! I had a slight tension headache by the time the movie was over because of the nonstop murder and mayhem, but yeah, it's a summer 2006 must-see. Just be prepared because it is not a joke at all.

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Sole Proprietor said...

Samuel Leroy is a bad MFer! What guy can pull of wearing sneakers and a Kangol to a black tie event?

I've heard Mr. Jackson's kick game is tight too!