Monday, August 14, 2006

Snap Hoodie

Check out these adorable Official Tourist hoodies. Cute, aren't they? They take a very street-inspired trend--wearing sweatshirts with the hood up--and click it up a notch by both isolating the actual hood and freshening the look with unusual prints and fabrics.

^^According to the blog, this hoodie is being modeled by Kamau Patton, who is an artist with his own interesting Web site called

^^Not sure who this is...maybe Momoca (see below)?

I'm not sure if you can buy them on-line, but I know they're available at Momoca, a boutique located in Berkely, which is owned by Momaco and Jasko, who also design and make the hoodies.

Fun fact: FUBU, which started-up in 1992, began with a line of hats. Initially they were manufactured in founder Daymond John's Queen's house.

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