Friday, September 01, 2006

ALife Party Images

Like I said two posts down, I recently attended an Alife party and took a bunch of pictures of the women in attendance. Here's a sample of three:

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^^Cute girl and cute fitted

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^^Sexy mohawk power

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^^MOB Leah chilling with friends

Looking at all these fly girls, I couldn't help but think of that classic song by LL, "Around the Way Girl":

Silky, milky her smile is like sunshine
That's why I had to dedicate at least one rhyme
To all the cuties in the neighborhood
Cause if I didn't tell you then another brother would
Your sweet like sugar with your gangster talk
Want to eat you like a cookie when I see you walk
With your rayon, silk or maybe even denim
It really doesn't matter as long as you're in them
You can break hearts and manipulate minds
Or surrender act tender be gentle and kind
You always know what to say and do
Cold flip when you think your man is playing you
Not cheap but petty
You're ready for loving
You're real independent so your parents be bugging
But if you ever need a place to stay

You can find these images and MORE at ChicksWithKicks.

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