Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fabulous Kelis!

Kelis is looking adorable these days. Part of why we're seeing and hearing so much from her these days is cause she's trying to hustle up album sales for her latest CD release, but her style is so fresh that I never get tired of seeing her.

Here are a bunch of recent images from WireImage.com (You can do a search on her name to see even more.)

^^This one is from Kelis's recent 27th birthday party. This girls's accessory game is ridiculously tight!

^^That husband of hers aint bad looking himself!

^^I wonder if this is a vintage dress? It looks an awful lot like the leather bondage dresses Versace showed in his 1992 collection. Unfortunately I couldn't find any images of the original on the Web.

^^Here's Kelis at the MTV awards. It's a mod-mod dress updated with front pockets and a cut-out back that frames her tatoo perfectly.

^^Check out Kelis's shoes--hot, hot, hot! (Note: Beyonce, hand on her man's shoulder, as usual, trying to compensate for her man's pda-failings.)

I was lucky enough to be listening to Wendy Williams last week when she interviewed Kelis. She admitted to being "an accessory fanatic," and when Wendy pushed her on whether she felt Beyonce's latest single "Ring the Alarm" was a rip-off of "I Hate You So Much Right Now," Kelis diplomatically responded: "I'm the first girl to scream on a track; that's all I'm gonna say." Since then, ole Bee has run into even more accusations about her jacking ideas from other performers.

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