Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Interview with Nas's Ex

If you like trashy gossip as much as I do, you will love this interview with Carmen, the mother of Nas's child. In this XXL interview, she breaks down her affair with Jay-Z--and yes, just like you always hear, he's packin', and also gives some details on what it's like to have sex with Alan Iverson (no surprise, he has great stamina!).

UPDATE: Well so much for that! XXL made YouTube take the video down. You can see little snippets of the XXL-approved video on YouTube. It looks like the plan is to release this as part of a DVD magazine.

This woman is by no means my favorite kinda chick, but I do think it's b.s. how completely she's getting trashed in the YouTube comments section for the blog. It's the usually, "she's such a ho!" comments. Beyond how silly the double standard is, none of the guys she was with had a gun to their heads when they got down with her so ff she's an obvious ho, doesn't that make all of them screaming idiots?

That is part two of the interview. You can view part one here, where she talks about how she met Nas and what their relationship was like.

UPDATE: Don't bother. XXL pulled that too!

Hat tip to BlackFolk, where I found this video. Yeah, she gets called a "hoe" there, too, but overall, the blog has a pretty thoughtful take on popular culture.

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