Monday, September 18, 2006

Project Runway!

This is my first season watching all epidodes of Project Runway and I will admit that I am an unabashed member of Go Team Michael. The final four participated in Fashion Week and judging by the images (see here for more images/credits), I would say that, overall, Michael's collection was the strongest, though he gets some very worthy competition from both Laura and Uli, who were both smart enought to stick with with their own comfort zone design themes.

I was surprised by how weak Jeffrey's collection was. I loved his yellow plaid gown from last week's competition, but I think he got thrown by the judges' criticism that he was becoming too predictable. Personally I see that as a crap criticism, one which I have noticed that the judges have lazily lobbed at the show's designers all too often. A designer should have a perspective and the ability to develop a recognizable design style is the mark of a great artist. Granted, a designer should also be fluid and able to change with the times, but not over the short time frame within which the show takes place.

^^Michael: No other designer appreciated color and used it with as much confidence this season as him.

^^Michael: Love the hot pink! But is this garment realistic? Does that matter?

^^Michale: I can't decide if I like this suit or not. It doesn't look comfortable, which I think is an important attribute of a swimsuit. I love the top-to-bottom look of the outfit though. It's styled perfectly.

^^Michael: A tight and focused collection, featuring reoccuring themes, colors and fabrics that tie it all together.

^^Uli: You want a formal resort dress for a breezy evening in a tropical location--Uli is your woman.

^^Uli: I pulled this image like all the others here because I thought it was a strong piece from her collection and now I'm looking at it and I'm not so sure. I love the blue, that's for sure.

^^Uli: I'm thinking she lost her focus a little here. Either that or I'm not exactly feeling this dress because the strap across her chest strikes me as over done.

^^Laura: This dress is a stunner and its simple chic sleakness embodies all that is best about Laura.

^^Laura: This isn't the only piece she created that featured feathers and I think that was a misstep.

^^Jeffrey: The suit is cute enough, but I picked this image cuz, like Michael's bathing suit image above, I think the top-to-bottom styling is what stands out.

^^Jeffrey: This was his strongest design, which is disappointing. I always have had a soft spot for misfits so I would have been okay with him winning.

And btw, if you don't already read the recaps of Project Runway (and America's Next Top Model) at FourFour, oh boy are you missing out!

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