Monday, November 13, 2006

BET Awards

The BET awards took place this past weekend in Atlanta and boy-oh-boy, were the mens there having some fun with fashion. So much for that brief period of suits and button-ups that arrived on the scene after NBA jerseys died. The fellas were back in their upgraded and very limited sneakers and rocking their slimmed down and darker denim with TONS of screen-print hoodies (sorry folks, I'm officially sick of that trend so you will see none of that here), black leather jackets and flashy accessories, especially long chains with medallions.

Let's start with my fave new trend, the black leather jacket situation:

^^Actor Hassan Johnson smartens his denim-style black leather with a black print scarf

^^Keyshia adds a feminine touch by rockin' her jacket in burgundy.

^^Jim Jones (far left) looking slick in a bomber-style leather jacket.

^^Sweet soul singer Donnell Jones wearing the jacket I want for X-mas. Help me out people. What is the brand of this jacket?

^^TI knows he has flavor so he keeps it simple with the bomber-style jacket so not to jack TOO much attention from competing stars.

Now on to footwear, aka, I got my Nikes on and they look real limited:

^^That's writer Toure's shoes on the left and host for the night Katt William's on the right.

^^A close-up of Flavor Flav's shoes. I have no idea what the brand is. Mark Ecko, maybe? Help me sneaker fiends!

^^A shot of sneakers being worn by the crowd.

^^DJ Sway: Again, I have no idea what sneakers he's wearing, but I would like to know cuz I like these a lot.

^^Terrance J on the left and Tigga on the right.

^^The Ying Yang twins just GOTTA be different.

^^I'm thinking The Game's color pallette is a little off here and I'm wondering if he's wearing Skechers, seeing how they sponsor him under the 310 Motoring brand and all.

And now for some accessories:

^^Swiss Beatz rockin' a cute-ass boom-box medallion and a KidRobot wool cap.

^^A close-up on handsome man Nelly's purdy face and a mouth bottom full of grill.

^^Love Young Joc's Louis Vitton wool cap. Though I gotta ask, is it authentic? If not, LV should get to work on making them. I know these labels don't like the knock-off artists, but the truth is, a lot of times they have better ideas than the authentic brand designers.

^^Jim Jones layers all sorts of that Harlem flashiness over his jeans and wife-B.


Ry2tha said...

flavs kicks are customized nikes, I see the rebel ape tag,so maybe they were done by the sneaktip crew? Just a guess tho.

ness said...

Donnell Jones is rocking the miskeen jacket, check the palm print on front. Yeah i want one too, *L*. one.