Friday, November 10, 2006

Club 4040: One Year Anniversary

Congrats to Jay-Z, who just celebrated the first-year anniversary of The 4040 Club. No doubt the boy genius deserves props, but as someone who shares his sun sign, I'm not surprised that not only everything this talented Sagitarian seems to touch turns to gold, but he's able to pull it off with out the aura of being shady or a schemer, which seems to stick to so many self-made men.

And with that being said, does anyone else think that 4040 is in desperate need of a remodel? When I was there this past summer, the club and the VIP room were both feeling very much worse for the wear and tear.

Here are some images from the party. You can check out more at

^^Jay looking tight in his all-black tux, handling his stacks.

^^Bee arrives looking very much on top of her game.

^^Mony Love looking attractive, relaxed and happy. Love her bag. (That's Funkmaster Flex behind her.)

^^I'm not sure who this Bob Levy guy is, but how funny is this picture of him throwing up the Roc? Heh.

^^To the right, to the right....

^^Beyonce gives her man a big smile and the finger.

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