Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update on BET Awards

When I did a post a couple days ago on trends at the BET awards, I was having trouble identifying some of the shoes I featured. Part of the problem is that I'm half-clueless, yes, but I also blame all the many brands whose idea of creativity is to copy a pair of Air Force Ones and then try and get over by using new colorways, treatments, etc. Lucky for me, some readers who know a thing or two more about shoes than I do, checked in and helped me out. May good karmic things descend on all of them soon.

^^Rytha and Tarik let me know that the above shoes are NOT Marc Ecko, as i guessed, but a custom pair of Air Force One. Rytha also pointed out that the shoes include a Rebel Ape tag, which maybe means that's who cusotmized them with that cute lil' clock.

^^In this picture, I was wondering whether or not Game was wearing 310 Motoring, a Skechers footwear company that makes a Game-endorsed shoe called The Hurricane, but Tarik, whose shoe game is ridiculous, emailed me to tell me that they're Air Force Ones. I thought that was problematic cuz I remembered how Lupe, who has a Reebok shoe deal, got barked at by the company for appearing at a show sponsored by Puma. And then there was Jessica Simpson, who had a jeans deal with The Tarrant Apparel Group and was recently sued by the jeans company who said she not only never wore its jeans, but also touted competing brands in interviews. Tarik argues that just like Jay-Z and Reebok, Game may appear in Skecher's 310 ads, but that doesn't mean he ALWAYS has to wear its shoes. I say it's hard to draw any conclusions without seeing the agreement. However, if shit hits the fan between Skechers and Game, you saw the drama unfold here first!

^^And I wanted to know what jacket Donnell Jones is wearing in this image, and Ness in the comments said that it's a Miskeen jacket, which is identifiable via the palm print on front. Thanks Ness!

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