Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mass Appeal: Ron Artest

There's always something interesting to read in Mass Appeal magazine, plus the photography is good, too. Problem is, there seems to be some editorial policy wherein any male that is featured has to be skating on the rail of ugliness. The women they feature are almost always eye-candy, but the dudes, not at all. Well not this month. The cover of this month's mag featured the lovely-to-look-at thug, athlete and Queens native, Ron Artest. The photographer was Akira Ruiz, who I'm assuming is a woman, which may account for how luscious Mr. Artest looks in the spread.

Here's one of several featured images:

^^Here's Ron standing in front of the Unisphere, which is located in Queens and was built for the World's Fair way back in 1964/1965. I think Shea Stadium is in the far background, but shoot, I'm not trying to know where the stadium of New York's always second best baseball team is located. I went to that dumpy stadium to watch a game a couple summers ago and it took me a week to scrub off the loser dust that had settled all over my body during the time I was there.


samantha moeller said...

Akira is actually a guy. I worked on this shoot and Ron Artest was a great guy. It was a lot of fun.

Lois said...

Thanks for the clarification,Samantha. The "a" on the end of his name threw me off. The shots are great. I would have put up more, but ehh, let 'em buy the issue. p.s. I've heard Ron interviewed a couple times on Wendy Williams show. He comes off like a pretty regular guy. Not all ego-ed out like a like of pro-athletes.