Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Heart Brooklyn Girls

While I was scrambling to get some birthday and Christmas shopping done in Park Slope this afternoon, I came across a flier advertising a Brooklyn Girls calendar. How genius, I thought! It's gonna highlight Brooklyn's many gorgeous 'round-the-way girls, who don't get nearly as much camera shine as they deserve. But then I went to the site and I was kinda disappointed. It was pretty much all artsy-fartsy girls. Which is cool. Those women are beautiful, too, no doubt, but c'mon, nary a single hood rat??

^^Cute chick and all, but were there no toasty Trinidadian sister to represent Little West Indies, aka Flatbush?

^^And this one is really a sin....Latinos RUN Sunset Park, and maybe this lovely lass is Spanish, but if so, where's the rice and beans flavor??

Ho well, there's always another year and another calendar. Brooklyn-bred men and women, if you're reading this, maybe this will inspire you to make your very own Brooklyn Girls calendar, this time thug style.


Anonymous said...

these chix are hott!

Anonymous said...

the calendar represents cuban, african american, puerto rican, vietnamese, italian, and greek. AND these ladies are all queer! which makes them minorities--if that is what turns you on. Plus, sunset park was mostly white-irish-before 1950 when the ban on mexican immigration was lifted.

Lois said...

Given that the calendar represents Brooklyn, it could have been more representative from a race perspective (In the U.S., Italians and Greeks are viewed as white, btw, and enjoy all the privilidges of the dominant culture). That they're gay doesn't turn me on or off, but because, as you said, they themselves are minorities, it does suprise me that the people who put it together didn't have more consciousness on the issue of inclusiveness.

A lot has changed since 1950 and Sunset Park in 2006 is no longer mostly white-Irish.

Lois said...

And btw, I allowed for the possibility that the woman in the second picture I posted may have been Latina. The bigger issue to me is that when I look at the woman featured in the calendar, it doesn't reflect back to me the Brooklyn population that I see on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

is that the purpose of the calendar? to meet your criteria? i'm really shocked the publishers didn't consult with you prior to creating this to get your perfect racial balance? did you even buy one? why do the publishers have to make YOU happy if you won't lay out the cash?

Lois said...

I'm really shocked that EVERYONE doesn't consult with me about everything. Isn't it crazy that they don't? I mean really!