Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shoe News

In the same vein as Nas's claim that hip-hop is dead, DJ Clark Kent explains why his love for Air Force Ones is more authentic than yours. And p.s., ya'll don't have ANY idea who Rasheed Wallace is. Seriously.

Over at MTV, Queer-Eye stylist Carson Kressley breaks down whose style is hotter--Eminem or 50 Cent. Notable quote on 50's look: "My god, look at that body! I can't say anything wrong about that. Mmm, chocolate thunder. He's giving me the jungle fever. Take my temperature." (Hat tip: Flypaper)

If you're planning on attending an Air Force One showcase event anytime soon, be prepared to put your signature on a nondisclosure agreement. Having the design for your best shoe jacked by everyone in the business and then some will build those kinda paranoia levels. (Hat tip NahRight)

Trio busted at flea market in Orlando for selling fake Nikes. "Some giveaways that the footwear was fake were bad stitching, pictures of celebrities and drug paraphernalia displayed on the shoes." (Personally I don't think the shoes featuring a screen-printing of Lil Wayne smoking a fat-ass blunt were near as much of a giveaway as the fact that the merch was being sold under a tent in a hot, dusty parking lot, but hey, that's just me.)

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