Monday, December 04, 2006

Nelly is Such a Dude

One of the things that's appealing about Nelly is that his every move doesn't seem like a calculation. When it comes to clothes, I always get the feeling that, as a jock at heart, he's mostly motivated by comfort. That and he seems to like the color blue. He also likes a little shine on his wrist (and in his mouth and on his ears), but he wears the same stuff a lot. Like he's not wearing it here, but in images of him featured at many different events, he's wears the same blinged out bracelet over and over again (Click here if you wanna see).

Here's some recent images of the pretty-faced man at an DEMO appearance (which I think was connected with his Apple Bottom jeans label):

^^Big ole diamond earrings

^^A simple, baby blue Lacoste sweater

^^A closeup on his watch and pinky ring.

^^And now just the watch.

^^This image was taken at a recent celebrity poker tournament organized by Jay-Z. Nelly was a pretty serious baseball player in high school and to this day you can catch him at a lot of sporting events. Here he's hanging with former Yankee Gary Sheffield and at the same event, there are images of him and Alex Rodriguez. As famous as he is, given his fondness for the game, I'll bet it was fun for him to meet those guys. Here he's again wearing a LaCoste top. I don't know if the company just sent him a a box of stuff or he's got some endorsement deal.

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