Monday, December 04, 2006

A Search Web Site That Deserves a Shout

After bitching about the lameness of the site earlier today, I'm going to balance the scales by bigging up a site that seems pretty cool. If you've ever searched for merchandise on CraigsList, you know what a hassle it can be to slog through all the ads. If you visit ListPic, you can aggregate the pictures from any given search all on one page. Here, for example, is a page which features images from all New York furniture ads. Cool, huh?

I found out about this site at the wonderful and informative BlackFolks

UPDATE: Speaking of Web sites, am I the last idiot to find out about PopGloss? It's a site that does a fan-fucking-tastic job of updating its site daily with images of great product for women--everything from coats to footwear and accessories. AS the site says, "Fashion without the attitude...less talk, more pictures, updated daily!" But if you're running low on funds due to the money-sucking month that is December, you might want to forestall a visit until January.

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