Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Starbury Sneakers

My son needed new basketball shoes and since his friend who he takes all his fashion cues from had a pair of Starbury sneakers, he wanted a pair, too. Having seen the performance basketball shoes he wanted, I was not impressed, but I wasn't about to discourage my son from wanting a pair of shoes priced under $20. And to tell you the truth, when I was shopping the Steve & Barry's (the only chain that carries the Starbury Line) in the Manhattan Mall, it felt kinda cool to be shopping for such low-priced shoes. It was like for those 30 minutes, I was giving my own personal beatdown to The Man!

And not all the shoes look like crap, actually. Within the line, there's a New Balance knock-off and of course also an Air Force One copy and both of those had a much more built up bottom than the performance basketball shoes.

^^Here are the basketball shoes I bought for my son. Stephon Marbury claims there's no difference between the construction of these shoes and any other basketball shoe on the market, but I think that's b.s.

So anyway, I bought him two pairs, one for now and then another one for Christmas. And to my credit, even though as far as I'm concerned the shoes look like crap, I kept my disdain for the styling of the shoes to a minimum. And all was good until my son had to do some school orientation thing, which involved him playing basketball for three hours straight. And don't ya know, after those three hours, his feet were KILLING him.

Now you may argue that, hey, he played for three hours, but my son is super active and nonstop when it comes to athletics and he has NEVER complained about sore feet before. He is still wearing them, but I have a feeling he's not quite as enthusiastic about them as he was before the sore feet. So that's my review of Marbury's shoes. Most times you get what you pay for. I'll just leave it at that.


Nicholas Stewart said...

Oh, come on, Lois. They're $15.00!

As a long time wearer of Jordan sneakers for $150.00+, I relish in the fact that I can buy these sneakers and still play ball in them.

Perhaps you bought the wrong size for you son? ;)


Lois said...

Nah, Nich, they're the right size. I'm not against the Starburys at all. It warms my heart to see the kids around Brooklyn wearing them. BUT, even Marbury has admitted to wearing inserts with his, which I think anyone who wears them as a serious performance shoe needs to do.