Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nas & 310 Motoring

By now you might know that Nasir Jones is coming out with his own shoe. I noticed that Eskay at NahRight, who loves to torment his readers by giving the "Little Homey" non-stop shit, criticized Nas for even doing a shoe, stating that "rapper branded sneakers are so 2005." I can't disagree with that. I've been writing for a while that sneakers as a fashion item just aint what they used to be, and while some special collabo with a hot skate brand and a rap artist MIGHT work (like, perhaps The Pack and Vans), just throwing out a shoe and expecting it to sell cause it has the name of a famous rapper attached to it is not gonna have legs. Especially since Nas is not famous for his fashion. Sure, his wifie has jazzed his look up a tidbit, but at his heart, you know he's happy in the first pair of jeans and tee-shirt he pulls out of his drawer and probably before Miss Jones whipped him into shape, was wearing most of his outfits for days on end.

^^Nas on 106 & Park, where he announced the launch of his shoe, Disciple. I take it that he's wearing a pair of prototypes.

But then Eskay gives goes after him for doing a sneaker with Skechers, which, again, I can't completely disagree with as I have NEVER like that company, but still, his man Jay-Z did his S.Carter shoe with Reebok, which isn't exactly the most genius footwear company on the planet. In fact, you know that right about now, no, correction, make that at least six months ago, there were some big execs over at Adidas's homebase in Germany seriously wondering what they hell they were thinking, NBA license or not, laying out all the cheese they did for Reebok.

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