Monday, March 19, 2007

Bust Magazine: Sneakers for Girls 101

The latest issue of Bust magazine features an article by famed streetwear designer Claw Money, and here it is for your viewing pleasure (click on it if you want a closer look):

^^Photos by Gisel Florez

The tone of the piece is definitely instructional in that in assumes that the average reader doesn't have much experience wearing men's sneakers. Surrounded as I am by sneaker culture, it's hard for part of me to believe that there are girls out there who choose not to buy a pair of kicks--however cool they may look--cause they were made for men, but then I know that lots of women, who, even if they were once Tomboys, stop dressing in a boyish manner once they hit their twenties. I'm not sure if that's about being more presentable to men or feeling more comfortable in more feminine clothing and shoes once you "mature," but whatever, it's good to read an article encouraging women to embrace their masculine side.

p.s. Lately I've been posting more on Chicks With Kicks, but I'm gonna crosspost stuff like this here so TrendyNation doesn't become a blog that solely alternates between musings on single motherhood and what sneakers Jay-Z is wearing today.

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Butterfly Jones said...

I'm all about shoes these days. But I have loved trainers since I was a kid, even before hip-hop. My first namebrand pair were Adidas Bermuda, then I had some Nike Bruins. Hip-hop taught me to look for one-offs.
Like I said I'm getting some new Supastars, and I'm def gonna invest in those lace up Vans instead of nicking my daughter's slip ons.
I also want a pair of white lace-up Jack Purcells, and a few pairs of plain white plimsolls to wear with summer dresses and drainpipes.