Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Jay Superstar Love Affair Continues

These recent images were taken in New York after a dinner Jay and Bee shared with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (I actually spent some time wondering yesterday--what the hell do those guys have to talk about, but ultimately I concluded that it speaks to Jay's ability to speak expansively). For whatever reason Jay continues to wear Adidas Shelltoes. I always feel like the Wonderchild never does anything without a purpose--especially when it comes to what he wears--so what the hell message is he trying to send wearing Adidas?

It's good to see that Bee has put back on some jelly since Dreamgirls, but she's got to be careful with the leggings. While they look good in person, the shine from the stretch fabric always shows up in photographs and looks like crap.


Butterfly Jones said...

I was justifying to myself the other day that if I bought two pairs of Superstars, one pair white with black stripes, and one pair black with white shell-toe and stripes, it would be like a BOGOF purchase (buy one get one free) because both pairs would cost me just under £80 ($150) which is about the price of one pair of trainers right?

Superstars are classic - I myself am more of an adidas person, and old school at that, so I love the shelltoes and stuff. I think Jay Z is just trying to say that even though he 'be's the block', he's still 'Jay-Z from da block'.

Ummm - there are new rules for wearing leggings and Bee is not following them. With legs as thick as those, longer looser tunic with heels. You ain't loungin' at home now girl!

Lois said...

If yer old school, it's hard not to have love for Adidas, but for Jay? I dunno, he's always been an Air Force One man, but when he's out in the public eye, I feel like he's about building his brands and last I heard he was still signed to Reebok. But you could be right, maybe he's trying to build up his own personal brand by letting people know where he came from.

Lol, you called Beyonce out! Yeah, I could see that everything between the top her boots and her shirt was just dead wrong, but I was distracted by the glare of the lycra.