Friday, March 02, 2007

Reebok 25th Anniversary Freestyle Party

'Member yesterday I said I was going to a Reebok party? Well I went and it was a blast. Eighties nostalgia was everywhere: roller-boogie dancers, Downtown Julie Brown hosting, and trays and trays of gross 80s food like mini-burgers and pizzas, corndogs, carrot sticks and dip, not to mention wacky cocktails in multiple colors (I had to leave before they served up the Twinkies, dammit!). The highlight of the evening for me had to be when the legendary Spinderella (!!) kicked off her set on the ones and twos with....wait for it, "Push It"!!!

Here are some of the images:

^^Happy Birthday to Freestyle

^^Wall art that detailed Freestle's history

^^My hang crew: KiKi, Constance and my blogging partner at HighSnobiety, Samia.

^^Partygoer: that's her Mom's purse she's showing off. Lol, me and Samia also brought our Moms' bags!

^^One of the servers (Samia was nice enough to hold her tray of corndogs for the picture)

There were also some celebs there like Cybil Shephard and Brooke Shields. We all figured that they were part of the nostalgia theme, but then Tara Reid showed up and it was like, huh, what'd she have to do with the 80s?

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Butterfly Jones said...

That sounds mad cool. I had some black suede Reebok freestyles in the 80s which I bought in NYC. Loved em. I used to wear them with smart tapered high waisted trousers and striped shirts from Benetton. Sounds a bit fugly, but it was kinda European chic with a bit of street.