Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sneaker High High High

Here's a very recent story I did for Footwear Intelligence on the reemergence of mid and high athletic footwear styles as a fashion trend--in particular for the female customer. On the one hand, I LOVE this story cause I feel like I was out front on writing about this trend...waaay out front actually, but the flow of the story is just ehh (it's a writer thing, sometimes a story you write just moves and other times it jumps and starts--this one does the latter) and every time I look at it, I get mad all over again at the art director, who ignored my repeated pleas to make sure the story didn't get sent out without captions on the photos.

So now I'm gonna finally identify what the heck is going on with the pictures.

^^That's Samia, who blogs with me at ChicksWithKicks, on the left in her hightop Reeboks. I photographed the two kids on the right in the East Village. One had on Jordans and the other was wearing SBs

^^I shot the adorable teen on the left wearing a pair of green Chuck Taylor hightops at a boutique in Brooklyn and that's Louis Colon on the right, standing in his boutique, Laces, modeling a pair of Cr8tive Recs.

If you click on the images, they might actually get big enough to read the story.

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YankeeDude said...

Scanning can be a pain, but you should occasionally post these features.

ITS a good read.

I’m not even a sneaker-head, but then again, Robin Givhan isn’t only for fashionistas.

The perspective on second hand nostalgia fits in nicely with your not too long ago insight on “Communist Sneakers”

Its interesting how the different coastal attitudes affect trends and sales - from beer to books.

Nice use of the low angle in capturing Louis.

Geez, do the Grrls in the story flash devastating smiles or what!

ps the Reebok party is off 'da hook !