Sunday, April 22, 2007

Complex Magazine: Kanye Returns

And thank god for that. I'm not sure why stop contributing to Complex, but I definitely noticed he was gone. He returns to the May issue in a four page spread that's part fashion commentary and fashion shoot, plus his Beatdown column, in which he rates celebrity outfits. This issue features Lil' Wayne, Jude Law, Vince Vaugh & Owen Wilson and Nas.

^^Kanye is ably photographed here by Robert Maxwell (click to enlarge)

In the article, Kanye explains that he, like everybody else, is sick of all-over print hoodies. Nothing new there, but then he goes on to say that these days he's givin' hugs to Supreme, Stussy and Bape. Not sure what the Bape thing is all about--whether it's genuine or a deal, but it's interesting.

He also declares the "grown and sexy" look dead. Here's the key quote: "Enough already with the fuckin' three-piece suit. Ok, fam, we realize that you went up to the 5th floor at Barneys instead of shopping at the 4th (NOTE: Ha! How lost is that Barney's reference on not-even-close-to-havin'-that-kinda-money me??). Cool No more open bow ties stuck perfectly to your shirt with the vest! The grown and sexy movement is over with, rest in peace. I don't even know when't the last time I wore some hard bottoms. At what point did we become the bougie muthafuckas at the black-tie affair? How far dressed up are we gonna go?"

Such a bright kid he is and always entertaining.

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