Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dame Dash

I interviewed him yesterday. The focus was on Pro-Keds, but we chatted about a LOT of stuff, including his old partner, Jay-Z. Naturally, I'm not gonna talk about details. Those get saved for the story I'm writing. But I will say that he was an interesting interview. There's that fog of fame that surrounds him, plus the fact that he talks about a million miles/hour. But what was cool was that he had NO editor. He really just said what he thought. I've interviewed LOTS of people and it's very rare that people speak like that and those who have had a lot less at stake than Dame does. Never once did he say something (and trust me he said some pretty controversial stuff) and then follow with the typical, "Don't write that." or "That was off the record." Still, while he was open, it was tough to get linear answers out of him and I think that's cause he just think like that.

p.s. As I'm typing this, I'm watching Beyonce as she narrates the many videos she made for her bonus tracks for VH1. Ya know, I don't always feel her, but damn, the music and the videos cannot be denied. And I love how close she is with her Moms. For real, this woman's talent and drive is pretty incredible.

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Al Rogers (aka Yankeedude) said...

Nice GET, Lois !!

You’re so Cooool

Isn’t it exciting !!

I know I'm itching to see the feature.

Maybe afterwards, if its not too much trouble, you could also post the Q & A here or on CWK. Seeing an interview bounce and roll has its own unique wrinkle.

And I REALLY dug the ones you posted at CWK on Laces and TOOFLY. Though, please don’t kill ya self inserting hyperlinks. That’s ALOTTA work.

I love Bee. I missed her interview on Larry King, Monday nite, but the game was on. I’m sure they’ll repeat over the weekend.

Digya hear how Barry gushed over her at a recent fundraiser.