Tuesday, April 03, 2007

For the Single Mommies

I'm a Gator fan so I was happy to see the kids win their second national championship in a row last night. Like everyone else, I've been fascinated by Joakim Noah's sparkling personality and his obvious role as the heart and soul of the Gators. In poking around the Internet, I've noticed that there's been quite a few stories (here's a pretty good one by USA Today) that point out Joakim's relationship with his famous-in-France father, Yannick Noah. Not surprisingly, there's not a lot of coverage of the grinding out Joakim's mother likely did raising two children mostly on her own (once Joakim's parents divorced, they lived on separate sides of the ocean).

This clip is for all my single Momma sisters who get sick of hearing that a woman doesn't know how to raise a man. It was shot in the moments following the Gator's victory. If you haven't been following, Joakim is the one heading up into the crowd. A lot of us raise more than men, we raise very good men:

This video was captured by my good friend, Al Rogers. Either he is kind enough to read my mind when it comes to what videos I'm dying to see again and again and again OR we have very similar taste. P.S. to Al: last year, him and Donoven knocked heads over whether or not Joakim should have to attend a visit to the Whitehouse to meet the president. The kid didn't want to meet Dumbass cuz he doesn't respect his politics, but he went in the end for his team.


Al Rogers said...


If I could read ya mind... HA!

I'd need a laptop to keep up with you, but moreover, the pleasure would be ALL mine

Butterfly Jones said...

Amen to that. There most defintely are women out there doing a great job raising their sons on their own. It's not their fault that some mens choose to be 'wotless' or deadbeat dads.

My Fall Collection said...

Hey... where did ya go? :) I love your blog!

Al Rogers said...

My Fall Collection,

Yup. T-nation is compelling. Very sharp - sometimes I cut myself, going through the chock-full o'Fun posts.

Even when she's not trying, Lois always blows the doors off. That's what race horses do, they run.

Lois said...

Thank you Fall Collection: I needed that nudge!

And thank you, Al. As a Sagittarian, I am most honored at the racehorse comparison.