Monday, April 16, 2007

Yeah it's been a minute

Ugh, do I have some catching up to do or what? As usual I got bogged down by deadlines. A lot of you know this, but part of what I do for a living is research on ahtletic and other active footwear brands and there's four or so months out of the year when I just get slammed by one deadline on top of the next. When my busy periods begin, at first I'm able to keep posting here and do my work, but then I get sort of sucked up into it and I find that not only do I not write here, but my internet wanderings are limited to PerezHilton, Yankee blogs (speaking of which, hey Al--how funny has that Pinella diary gotten; poor RL,I guess we found the limits of his sense of humor!) and shopping on Ebay. In other words, everything very light and not at all mentally taxing.

The thing is, it bothers me a LOT that I can't seem to manage at least a few regular posts here per week during those weeks when I'm slammed so I've decided to do this self-imposed challenge wherein I have pledged to myself that from this day forward for the next 30 days I'm going to post something every damn day. Any post at all counts so that means as long as I check in and at least say something, that counts.

When I was mulling over what the penalty should be if I fail to complete my mission, I thought about promising my readers that I would reveal some potentially revealing yet embarrassing personal detail about myself, but now as I think about it, I doubt that I'd be willing to post anything all that juicy. This blog is not at all anonymous, after all, and lord knows who is secretly reading this blog without telling me (probably no one, but hey, us narcissists have a right to dream, too!) Heh, maybe I should let my kid post what he thinks my failings as a Mom are. Lol. NOT!

Anyway, I'm gonna go take a run around the park, where I will mull my possible punishment further (as if that goddam hill isn't enough pain--am I a glutton or what?) And then after I do a few annoying admin things, you'll be hearing from me again later today. I wanna catch up on some of the comments/links people left, plus Puma, Imus, the crush, Ebay and oh yeah, trends and shit!

1 comment:

Al Rogers said...

The reaction is very sweet. They're green-eyed over your attention.

Think of the meltdown if they read your blogs.

On other matters:

You can be so modest. Lest we forget, being a quality parent is time consuming, to say the least.

Perhaps after your busy season, you'd consider an Ebay themed fashion shoot. We love your taste.