Monday, April 16, 2007

Dear Readers

Over the past couple weeks, I received some responses to posts that either referenced stuff I thought was interesting or included some questions. This post is here to play catch-up to all that:

First up is Al Cabino. I interviewed him ages ago on his efforts to have Nike reissue the Nike shoe, aka the McFly, worn in the movie "Back to the Future." Al already had a petition going back then and now he's launched a site called dedicated to his quest.

A while ago, I posted up some images of Kelis at a party. A reader in the comments wanted to know where she can find the hoodie that Kelis is wearing in this image,:

^^My wild guess is that it was made by LRG, but whatever brand it is, it's possible that it was made custom just for Miss Jones. Can anyone help out with more than a wild guess on who made it and better yet, where it can be purchased?

Sometimes people arrive at my site via searches for brands or people or whatnot. They'll put a comment in the post, not realizing that it's waaay back in my archives. Fortunately, Blogger notifies me via email that I have a post on my site so I was able to catch a response that Hakim left on an entry I did on LRG. Hakim is an illustrator and in his post, he included some links to a bunch of his art. If Hakim is still reading, he should know that I really loved his work. He does a lot of sketches of celebrities and lucky for him, he's got a gift for capturing not just his subject's physical appearance, but also some essence of who they are as people. Keep doing youre thing, Hakim. You are a talented guy! If you want to know more about Hakim the man, here's a link to his MySpace page. And here's some of his artwork:

^^Ms. Alicia Keys.

Finally, Al, you wanted to know whether or not I could post the Dame Dash interview in its entirety. I think the plan is to run it as a Q&A, but I'll probably edit the order of the questions just so it makes more sense and flows better, but I agree that it'd be interesting to capture the interview in its exact original form because damn, it was all over the place! I'll have to see what my publisher thinks of that. He probably won't mind if I do it after the article is published, and knowing Dash, he wouldn't mind the added publicity.

UPDATE! MeLo-X also sent me a link to his MySpace page, where you can hear some remixes he did off of Amy Winehouses "Back to Black" cd. I liked 'em, MeLo! Definitely keep doing your thing.

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