Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lucky Hippie

I took my second pilates class in less than a week yesterday. Which a LOT for me 'cause I am not big on group excercise. I told my friend E. not too long ago that it's when I'm dancing that I feel my whiteness most poignently, but me in a pilates class? Let's just say that I do NOT stand out in that crowd. We're talking white-women-of-a-certain-age CENTRAL.

If you're living the true pilates life, there's a very good chance that you're also a fan of Lucky magazine. I like to describe the aesthetic of Lucky as new millennium WASP. The LaCoste dresses are gone, but that staid sensibility is still there, albeit modernized by slightly more sexual cuts and fabrics, not to mention the embracement of "ethnic" (which, along with "exotic," should be two words that any fashion editor would embarrassed to have appear in her pages, but oh well) looks as more than just items to be worn while visiting foreign lands. Slightly more slinky fabrics aside, it’s all still dignified enough for a proper lady.

Lucky is so aggressively married to this look that it takes pride in hiring top models, some of the most beautiful women currently walking the planet, and uglifying them to the point that their looks never exceed that of Lucky's gold standard for beauty, Gwyneth Paltrow. (I mentioned this to my friend KiKi earlier today and and she protested, "But don't they know she's half-Jewish?? Yes, KiKi, they do, but dammit, new millennium WASPS are inclusive like that!)

All of which brings me to the latest issue of Lucky, to which, full disclosure, I am currently a subscriber:

Yes, like editor Meredith Rollins, I too find myself suddenly enamored with “Mexican-inspired pieces.” In fact, I’ve probably viewed every vintage embroidered clothing item currently in existence on Ebay. Right now I’m watching so damn many of these tops, tunics and dresses that if I buy and wear even a small percentage of them, the only way I wouldn’t like come off like a white wannabe appropriating freak is if I move back to Gainesville, Fla. become a vegan and develop a serious weed habit. Then I’d fit right in.


Al Rogers said...

If you wanna work on your upper body, I suggest lifting a can of beer throughout the nite.

Ba Da Bump.

Thank you. Thank you, everyone.

Seriously, you’re one the few women I know w/ sexy arms (see last year’s meet-up pix. love the blouse, btw.).

Most women have sexy legs, they just do, but not too many have sexy arms. Not that they’re unattractive, they’re just not striking.

It the opposite w/ men.

Lois said...

Thanks, Al. However, my arms are just ehh. My thighs however.....

Al Rogers said...

Skating is very effective. It’s a shame more people don’t take advantage, and condition/build their legs.

Like at the gym, most people won’t do incline, cuz it slows them down.