Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Message from Nike

Nike emailed this to me yesterday; the subject box read: A Different Kind of Thank You:

Can't see it? It says:

Thank you, ignorance.Thank you for starting the conversation.Thank you for making an entire nation listen to the Rutgers team story. And for making us wonder what other great stories we've missed.Thank you for reminding us to think before we speak.Thank you for showing us how strong and poised 18 and 20-year-old women can be.Thank you for reminding us that another basketball tournament goes on in March.Thank you for showing us that sport includes more than the time spent on the court.Thank you for unintentionally moving women's sport forward.And thank you for making all of us realize that we still have a long way to go.Next season starts 11.16.07

Why is it that short of, say, the JetBlue CEO talking about how he was "humiliated and mortified," by the company's recent eff-ups, whenever a huge corporation tries to get all touchy-feely, it makes ME feel oogly on the inside? And I guess in the case of Nike, my cynicism is fueled by the fact that I've heard that Nike is questioning its level of WNBA player sponsorship and thinking of reeling it back in. It's just a rumor that I heard via a co-worker who's friendly with a Nike employee, but it's one that strikes me as a not altogether wild or outlandish one.

Anyway, who's Nike calling ignorant? For many Americans, THE only thing shocking about this episode was that ole, made-man Imus got the boot.


Al Rogers said...

it only took them TEN DAYS!

Crypt-keeper uttered his hate on the 4th, but Nike didn't kick him out 'til, what, the 13th ??

"I am SHOCKED! I am SHOCKED! He's a bigot." To paraphrase a great flick.

Al Rogers said...

Oh, that just hit me!

It's so ridiculous, it went over my head.

Thank you for reminding us that another basketball tournament goes on in March.

Poor, poor Nike. They don't get a newspaper, they dont' watch sportscenter, and they've never heard of google news. They had no idea, the Grrls have their own Big Dance.

Lois said...

It's hard to know where to begin with this one. I've read that Nike's gonna use it as part of an ad campaign, well....actually they already are. The email links to its site, but I think that's a mistake. Then again, Americans will fall for just about anything so what do I know.

punditfight said...

Wow, Nike's always on top of it.
I can already imagine the Nike Marketing Department abuzz. An Ad guy yelling from across the room "let's get on this! We gotta get something out."