Monday, May 21, 2007

Genesco After Shocks

We're going on about two months that rumors have been swirling around Genesco (note to casual readers: its most famous retail formats are Lids and Journeys) and at this point I'm thinking that the stress of all this b.s. is starting to take a toll on its employees, however small. I'd say all employees should either be treated to a free round at the local bar or a month of free yoga classes. Whatever is their pleasure.

The latest rumor is that a European private investment company is planning to buy Genesco and Skechers and then mush them together as one. WWD (Women's Wear Daily) is the source of this latest rumor and for all I know it is in general a rock solid source of this type of info, however, the last time I recall WWD being the source of a buyout rumor--that being Foot Locker going private--nothing ever came of it. As such, I'm not convinced that anything will come of this Skechers/Genesco thing. (Then again, maybe WWD was reporting what it knew to be the truth on that buyout and it just got screwed over by Foot Locker's slippery ways.)


Al said...

Haven’t you been wondering about Skecher’s recent “stuff you sneakers with our stocks” ad campaign.

It’s a terrible ad. The camera work is herky/jerky and it does nothing to build or service its brand (see here). And "Duh," the ad failed to stem the recent slide.

I tried to think of another company who tried to pump up its stock through a direct sales pitch, but I came up empty. And really, can you imagine KFC billboards saying, “if you like are gravy, you’ll love our stock”

Still rumors being rumors, Skecher’s stock gapped up, ten percent today (chart #1) and check out insider play: after sliding for the month, all of the sudden, outta ‘da blue, it stars to bid up Friday morning (chart #2).

What a coincidence!! I’m SHOCKED! I’m SHOCKED!!

* Doll, if you guys can make the Subway series next month, let me know sometime this week which days you guys can make.

* btw, talk ‘bout “undervalued,” thanks for your market updates.

* here, have a hottie, make it two

Lois said...

Al! How goes it? I've been meaning to email you about that series. I was worried that it was the most recent one. When is the second series? As long as the kid doesn't have an out-of-town tournatment, I'm down.

And I didn't know you followed WS. Did Skechers really make an ad pushing people to buy its stock?? How flipping strange!

Oh dang! That over-the-shoulder shot of Reyes is HOT! Watching that series was a KILLER for me. I lvoe Reyes, but it's strange, part of me loves watching him screw up.

Al said...

1. “I didn't know you followed WS”: Hon, if I don’t read the financial section, then I’ll feel the tree lost its soul in vain. Lo, I was really serious in your ”Under Armour” post. I’m already standing in line, Benjamins n’ hand, waiting for your tout sheet to roll out (is it here, yet! is it here, yet! is it here, yet!).

2. ”When is the second series?”
Friday the 15th (7:00 PM)
Saturday the 16th (1:00 PM)
Sunday the 17th (8:00 PM)

Subway Schedule

Ask the kid and if he has a preference in seeing either Rocket or Clippard, etc.?

See, I know about 20 people and – uhh - some of them know me (the older ones, the ones with cataracts, think I’m cute!) so I can nail one of those dates.

3. Skechers ad: Yeah, they started saturating ESPN about a month ago. It’s a stinker. You can see a condensed version of the ad here.

4. es imposible! Reyes can’t take a bad photo. His face is soooo angular, you just point and click. He’s a frontrunner for this year’s NL MVP. Perhaps his most impressive stat: only 2 errors in 378 innings (whoa!!)

5. The Empire Strikes Back, baby!!

p.s. Manny is such a baaaadaaass! I snagged some great shots from last nite’s game, that I’ll post maƱana.

Al said...

This is probably an easier link to navigate:¤t=1178511446.pbw

Lois said...

Cool. June looks pretty open baseball-wise. No out-of-town tournaments anyway!

Where are you posting the Manny shots. I haven't seen you much around Pinstripe. I haven't been visiting there as much myself. I'm sort of half-annoyed with that crew. Creatures will be creatures, but I don't wanna be around them 24-7!

Al said...

Sugar! I’m already on the phone. I’ll have this tricked out in a week. Swish!!

No really, I’m a show-off (what a surprise!). Though sometimes it can be hazardous, I broke my hand in three places hot doggin’ my blades, last year.

* ”Mr. Rogers, I’m Ready For My Close-Up:”

WARNING: the following slide show may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion advised.

Manny Being "Krazy"

* I Love Manny:

Check on this clip. Here’s a guy who is completely confident and secure in his sexuality.

* MannyGate:

A couple of months ago Manny and his neighbor attempted to auction an $800 grill for the minimum bid of $3,000! Manny sweetened deal by throwing in an autograph baseball and by implying the grill was memorabilia (ahahahhahahhahahhhahahah!)

A “bull” market ensued with bids quickly hitting a $100 million dollars (ahahahahhahahahhahahah), forcing E-bay to remove the listing.

When the ESPN show "Pardon the Interruption" did a blurb on Ramirez's cameo as a salesman, there was good-natured laughter throughout the clubhouse. David Ortiz, for one, couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Manny, get over here now," Ortiz hollered to his close friend.

Some players even clapped for Ramirez when he walked through the room a few minutes after the television spot.

"I'm a businessman, I've got to make a little money," Ramirez hollered to teammate Doug Mirabelli.

Oh, Priceless!!

Sources: 1, 2, and 3

* Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Lois

Behind ever great player, is a great woman: Here

* Meet ‘da Fuckers:

If someone wants to bust on me, that’s cool. Its fun, cuz I ALWAYS win. But it is WAY outta bounce to lash out at third party when you lose.

I’ve talked to them about five times already.

But as of now, I’m still up in the air:

1. I’ve posted some of my satire over at Lohud, under my alter-ego Dr. Acula: See One, Two, and Three

2. I’ve been beaming Schilling at Eephus Pitch: Here and (Here)

3. I did a tiny bit at Bronz Toaster, getting in an argument over Bonds, Jerkoff Giuliani, and cheating. Who knew baseball fans were such freakin’ moralists !! (Scroll down from the top, Here)

4. Also, two beyatchs try to jump the wrong dude (at the bottom)

P.S. Thnks for the fresh chow here and at CWKs!