Monday, June 18, 2007

Finish Line Snaps Up Genesco

Imagine my surprise when I happened upon the news that Finish Line had purchased Genesco this morning. Now see, this is how a merger should be done--in the dark of the night with everyone stunned, amazed and slightly impressed when the news breaks out of nowhere. There shouldn't be never-ending gossip and speculation akin to rumors of Jay-Z and Beyonce getting married. Because it's like the boy who cried wolf, after a while you start feeling like you're getting played for a fool. Like, do Jay and Bee really wanna get married or do they just want to creat events to help sell records?? Like, did Foot Locker really wanna buy Genesco or did it just want shareholder to think it still had it like that?

As for the actual combo of Finish Line and Genesco, I sort of like it. Not as much as Nike and Converse or PPR and Puma, but it works. This is gonna be like one of those couples that from an outsiders view doesn't appear to perfectly click, but because they're different in the right ways, ultimately will help each other be better.

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