Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kelis: June/July Complex Magazine

If you either haven't figured it out by now or you're just new 'round here, Kelis is pretty much the Patron Fashionista of TrendyNation. At the end of the year, when I do my in-my-head, best-dressed list, Miss Jones takes up spots No. 1, 2 AND 3. I don't post up every image of her out there, but if I come across one in which she's extra, special cute or I just feel like it's not on every-other website, I will do a post on it.

This image right here is from the Complex magazine that landed in my mailbox yesterday. It's more an interview with her than a photo shoot, but the picture of her in bunny ears is still neat and I thought some of her answers were great.

Complex is a men's magazine and a lot of times when females are interviewed, you can tell that they're giving the answers that they think guys wanna here. What I like about our Patron Fashionista's interview is that you can tell she's just telling it like it is, straight, no damn chaser.

Here are a couple of answers (it's not really a Q & A as much as a thinger where Complex makes a statement and Kelis responds) that I liked in particular (I think if you wanna read the whole thing you can click on the image and enlarge it).

Men say: You don't need to know how many women I've slept with.
Kelis says: That's OK I guess, as long as I'm not made to look stupid, like all the girls are still around and you all have this little secret without me. If they're out of your life and you did it and it's over, I don't care.

Men say: Watching porn is not cheating
Kelis says: If a guy just does it for fun once in a while or uses it to interact with his girl, that's cool. Do I like it? I don't love it, but I don't really care. Every guy has porn, but anything in excess is a problem--like if you have to have it, you should think about that. That's revolting.

It says in the article that Kelis is a reality show star. I keep hearing about that, but I've yet to see any official announcement as far as schedule goes. To be honest, as much as I like this chica, I'm kinda bummed that she's gonna do a reality show 'cause it's gonna take her to a level of popularity that's gonna be a turn-off for me.


Sole Proprietor said...

It's nice to see you finally admit that you hold Mrs. Jones in such high regard. I wondered what the deal was with you and Mrs. J, she is very attractive, but there are other women out there that are as attractive (Sanna Lathan, Halle Berry,Lela Rochon and Eva Mendes) and as fashion conscience as Mrs. J.

It's ALL good. I know you spread love the B'KLYN way!

Lois said...

Hi Dee, what's up??

Sanaa is so smoking hot that it's almost painful to behold her; Halle--amazingly enough--gets better with age; Lelon--ehh, no feeling for her; and I think Eva WAS hot, but lately her nose is looking overly sculpted.

Still and all, my thing for Miss Jones is not as much about beauty as it is sense of fashion. All the ladies you mentioned know how to put an outfit together, but they're more about classic feminine looks, and I like up-from-the-street style, and in my not-so-humble opinion, no one does that look better than Kelis.

Butterfly Jones said...

Hi Lois - long time no blog. You know Kelis is my NO 1 GIRL!. Like u said its not just about beauty, but its about edge and style. She does her own thing and doesn't look like those identikit R 'n' B divas that clutter up the magazines.

Of the above women mentioned, all pretty - but stylistically 'blah' or 'vanilla' as u Americans might say. I particularly have no time for the bland beauty represented by Sanaa and Halle. I like fashion to have edge and individuality, and Kelis has that in spades. I love love Kanye's style, and you put it perfectly, they are the Prom King and Queen of Style. And Nas is cool too!